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Welcome to Your Path of Independence and Success!


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Learn to Eliminate the Negative and Extenuate the Positive:  This is an introduction course, a high level understanding of all other courses in the program.  It includes an introduction to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs and how YOU can satisfy those needs without surrendering to other people,

We deep dive into Bloom's Cognitive Taxonomy to build your personal learning plan, we cover the basics of project management:  A combination of waterfall and agile techniques to plan your route to the end zone, the scope of your future with YOU carrying the ball, balancing life's challenges and preparing to become the best YOU, living YOUR best life.  



Learn how your brain Works, how You think and how you learn. Discover why you self destruct why, you make the same mistakes over and over again.  Learn how to recognize and satisfy your needs versus your wants.

You will learn how to say no and confront conflict head on, to focus on satisfaction over gratification and ensure those around you do that as well.

Become an expert at eliminating noise and tasks that are not important. and have a list of priorities ready to fill your saved time (usually 30% of your total day) with things that are required for you to become the best that you can be.



How to Meet Your Basic Survival Needs.  Until you have met your needs for survival you can never be secure, can never truly belong to a group, you will never achieve self-esteem and have no shot at self actualization.  if you rely too much on your husband, your wife, your mom, your dad and the biggest mistake, if you rely at all on "other men who call themselves government" then you are simply a slave to the whims of others, self-imposed. 

Rugged individualism requires you to control your own survival and become confident in meeting your own survival needs.  This is where you learn how to do that.



Learn to provide your own security.  Feeling/being insecure is a horrible thing.  If you are influenced by a narcissist you will never feel secure in self.  If you think calling 911 is the answer to security then you are not paying attention.  Being able to provide your own security, feeling and knowing "you have your own back" is a requirement in meeting your basic needs. 

Walking on eggshells in fear of an HR department firing you or God forbid cause the "woke" culture to cancel you creates insecurity. Relying on others to provide for you, or worrying about losing your security, due to no logical fault of your own, is a sure destruction of your rugged individualism.  learn to take control of your own security.



Once you feel secure, once you are capable of providing your own security, you can then truly belong.  You can belong to a family in a healthy way, a group that has shared interests. 

Belonging is a human need and can only be truly achieved once you, as a rugged individual, are in control of your own survival and security.  Both courses are a prerequisite to the course on belonging.

If you feel like the odd man out of the groups, or feel you are faking it with your current group it's because you have failed to meet your own survival and security needs.  Rugged individuals are the best family members, and the best team members.



Self Esteem is achieved by you, the individual, this can be accomplished only after you have successfully achieved your need to belong, which is only truly achieved when you can ensure your own survival and security.

The vast majority of people never achieve the NEED for self esteem, but once you do, once you achieve self esteem it is the greatest accomplishment most can hope for.  Self actualization is the only higher level human need above self esteem.

To achieve self esteem requires you to be a rugged individual, meet your own survival, security and belonging needs.  You don't truly belong to the group "women" or "men", "black" or "white", "gay" or "straight" you were placed in those groups by the men who control your survival and your security and now control your need to belong.  It is evil what they do. They want you allow them to choose your group and force you to need them even more.



If It Is To Be It Is Up To Me:  There are people you see on television, in sports, in government and in business that make you say, "that person is doing exactly what he/she was put on this earth to do".

According to Dr. Abraham Maslow, only 1% of Americans reach self actualization.  As a person who believes he has achieved that level of "needs satisfaction", I believe it is my responsibility to help you prepare a roadmap to achieve that yourself, and to help you "self-motivate" through "success motivates" and a high level of learning of the tools, techniques and methods that make that possible.  Don't waste your money on government controlled education, they are the enemy of rugged individualism and true bliss.  This course requires you complete all subsequent courses.



To properly lead a team requires you to be a leader and a teacher.  To be a true teacher requires you to understand how others learn, how to motivate them and how to inspire them to want to listen to you and follow you:  Develop the heart of a teacher.  This course will help you get there.

"We lead people, we manage things, we do not manage people".  This is what Grace Hopper said.  A great American hero.  For you to achieve this level of skill requires you to have self esteem, understand how people learn, be powerful enough to push back against the "bureaucracy", be confident in your own survival, security, and belonging and be at the level of "synthesis" in your level of learning see Bloom's Cognitive Taxonomy".  Skilled in your profession, in effective communication; as a leader and in your ability to structure a learning environment for those who want to follow you, not those who are forced to follow you; an important differentiator.

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Learn to develop your business plan like a project.  Learn how to put together an executable business plan that focuses on scope of the business first, then on schedule and costs.  learn how to present the plan to other people, logically and concisely.

Taught by one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the country and applicable for any functional skill that you may be offering through your business, products, services and results.

Motivating others, prioritizing properly, staying focused on the scope with a sense of urgency and quality.  It doesn't get any better than being your own boss and securing your own future.

Adult Education Course


You are required to complete the courses and associated tests in the following order:

Top Tier People:  Purpose Driven

Introduction to Rugged Individualism
How To Be The Best You




Self Esteem

Self Actualization

How to Lead a team and be a Real leader
(Optional) How to Start and Run Your Own Business


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