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The Facts of Life

Plan your work and work your plan, or allow life to drag you through it kicking and screaming.

If you don't know where you are going all roads get you there. that means without a plan for an end result (where you are going) people will settle for what they have and choose the path of least resistance (all roads get you there), They are given little choice in that.

When we mean "settle" we mean people accept whatever their situation is, regardless of the toxicity of it, the depression it creates, the abuse, and the fear to change. Why is change so scary? Because people don't have a plan and a proven path to improve. They are 100% vested in their current life regardless of how horrible it may be. If they understood that there is a proven path to success, most would take it, but they are unaware it exists.

So what do most people do? They jump into a toxic relationship trying to satisfy their need to "belong" before they have learned to satisfied their own needs relative to survival and security. That's it, it is that simple. Bad relationships are a direct result of a lack of personal ability in survival and security. When that happens, babies are born in horrible relationships and an anchor is placed around the neck, usually of the mom, and is a direct result of the epidemic of single parent households in America today. When our youth is uber focused on a relationship first, before they are individually capable of taking care of their own self, both boys and girls, they look to each other to survive and feel secure in a relationship (belonging, love) that becomes burdensome and toxic. Instead of focusing on the core issue (survival, security) they turn to drugs, alcohol, extra-marital affairs, and turn a toxic relationship into multiple toxic relationships. Our government takes advantage of this fact to become the dad, the husband, and now after multiple generations of this manipulation, even the father and grandfather in the picture so that no one feels they can survive or have security without the nanny state, without handouts and protection provided by the government (wear that mask). The more you rely on government, the more they will take from you.

Our high schools, colleges and universities are now considered worthless by the majority of Americans (and the world). A waste of the most formative years of a person's life but there was no alternative to education, until now...until the launch of Top Tier People.

Overlay this lack of knowledge/ability to meet one's own survival and security needs with the lack of education on how we learn, how are brains actually work, and how to become an expert in a field that offers a service that others need. To provide a valuable service (purpose driven) and be able to climb to the top of a field and even become an expert in multiple fields in order to be able to invent something new, something no one else has ever thought of. This lack of education is exactly why our colleges and universities are failing so miserably. Even their professors and presidents don't get it, they have no real experience outside the walls and halls of the same universities they attended and that they now preside over.

Top Tier People will put you, and your children on a path to greatness. You will learn what a rugged individual is and how to become one. You will learn how to satisfy your own needs in survival and security so that true love, real relationships can be satisfied leading to the highest levels of needs satisfaction of self-esteem and a shot at self-actualization.

At the same time you and your children will learn how to learn, how to study. The quote from Matt Damon's character in Goodwill hunting is perfect...".. you dropped 150 grand on an education you could have gotten for a dollar fifty in late charges at the public library"...if only you had learned how we learn, how our brains work. We teach you that in the very first $99 class.

For $99, the cost of a tank and a half of gas or 4 plastic bags of groceries you will have a life changing experience in our introductory class. Live online, via Zoom with one of the greatest teachers and entrepreneurs in America. You won't regret it! Time to build a real plan to success in life, one that you can apply immediately to better yourself, your children and your family. to sign up. begins April 15th, 2024. Just 1.5 hours each night for 4 nights. 6.5 hours of life changing information. It is live, face to face, interactive and designed for you to learn, not just be talked to. See you on the high ground, let's make America #1 in the world again in education! That is our objective, that is our mission.

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