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Purpose Driven

Our purpose, our mission is to create a new system of education for young adults to thrive, and to offer truth and power to all people who want to live their best possible lives regardless of borders, economic systems, and government imposed societies.

The core of our program, our method, is to help you achieve self-esteem and even a shot, a true shot at self-actualization. To fully comprehend what that means to you requires an application level of learning of two very important subjects. Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs and Bloom's Cognitive Taxonomy.

Top Tier People brings back Blooms, and integrates it with Maslow's Hierarchy of needs to create a learning system that not only incorporates the cognitive domain, but builds the affirmative domain in relative form. Benjamin Bloom outlined "How" we learn but failed to figure out what motivates us to learn. Top Tier People has done that, We have solved the puzzle that has alluded all other education systems and have proven that the greatest possibilities in life grow from an individual satisfying their own needs (Maslow's) with an understanding of how one learns (Bloom's) creating a desire to learn while satisfying individual needs to achieve amazing goals (desire/motivation for the individual to do it)

Additionally, we have proven that current educational systems rely on compulsion of the student, versus creating an environment where the students learn to learn, desire to learn, and are rewarded for that success. One only uses compulsion in education when they are forcing a student into a preconceived objective that has never been, until now, for the benefit of the individual, the smallest minority on earth. When one lays out the greatest opportunity for an individual, and shows him the path forward to an objective that actually benefits his self, compulsion is not necessary, only proper corrections are necessary when the student confronts pressure, resulting in conflict, and makes the wrong choice to avoid that conflict versus confronting it head on. A balanced approach to education.

It all starts with you meeting your own survival and security needs without relying on others, especially a government, Once we achieve that individually, then and only then is it time to search for a mate, or a group you can belong to. Too many have chosen wrong, gotten into horrible, abusive relationships because they are looking for survival and security to be provided by others. This has destroyed the fabric of the world and is a direct contributor to alcohol and drug abuse, single parent families, children living at home into their 20's and 30's and a massive decline of rugged individuals (men) available for women to build families with. Women have been compulsed to rely on government for survival and security and government is taking advantage of that to control what groups one belongs to, versus individuals building their own healthy groups.

Step one is learning to become a rugged individual with an application level of learning on Maslow's Hierarchy of needs and Bloom's Cognitive Taxonomy, then you learn to satisfy your own needs, survival, security, belonging, self-esteem and self-actualization.

First class starts April 15, 2024. We meet every night for a week from 7pm EST to 8:30PM EST and is designed for 14 year old's up to infinity age group. This is the introduction class and costs $99 per individual/family. A great chance to give your kids something amazing to do in front of a computer instead of simply playing games.

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